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Preliminary Evaluation of Loan Request

The key to successfully obtaining SBA financing is to satisfactorily address all of a lender's questions and concerns.  When a loan is properly structured and both lender and SBA criteria are met, a loan request will generally be approved.  Our preliminary evaluation will:

Provide background, history and executive summary

Establish a viable loan structure

Detail application and closing costs

Determine collateral adequacy

Evaluate historical and proforma repayment ability

Review proforma debt to worth

We have provided a sample preliminary evaluation for a fictitious company, "The Widget Store".  This overview provides insight into the SBA loan application process.  Please review this preliminary evaluation sample and call us if you have questions.


Description Fees When Due
Preliminary Evaluation No Charge N/A
Preliminary Lender Commitment $2,500 When Processing Begins
Final Lender
   Commitment *
1.0% of Loan Amount If and When Accepted

   The final lender commitment (1.0% of the loan amount) is a good faith deposit for the lender and will be applied to closing costs at closing.  

Executive Summary   Loan Structure   Closing Costs
Collateral   Repayment Ability   Debt To Worth

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