Centinel provides SBA lending services to commercial banks, savings and loan associations and non-bank lenders in the North Texas area.  Centinel services include:

Marketing and Business Development
Centinel provides marketing and marketing support for its affiliated SBA lenders.   This can increase a lender's SBA loan portfolio significantly.  In addition to its direct marketing efforts, Centinel can assist your bank in establishing and maintaining an effective officer call program.  Centinel's extensive experience and excellent relationship with the SBA District Offices can be a major asset in a lender becoming either a SBA Certified Lender or SBA Preferred Lender.

Preliminary Screening of the Loan Request
A great deal of time can be spent in gathering the necessary information and evaluating that information to determine if a loan request is viable.  Centinel will gather all required information and provide a preliminary evaluation for the lender's and borrower's approval.  This evaluation establishes a viable loan structure, discloses closing costs, determines collateral adequacy, details historical and proforma cash flows to evaluate repayment ability and reviews proforma leverage.     

Packaging the Lender Loan Application
Centinel will prepare a comprehensive lender's loan application for presentation to the loan officer and/or the lender's loan committee.  This application package will include all of the lender's required internal loan documentation, a transaction summary, historical and proforma financial analysis and any supporting documentation.   

Packaging the SBA Loan Application
After the loan has been approved by the lender, Centinel will prepare the SBA application package for underwriting.  The SBA package is completed in "Preferred Lender" format and includes the required SBA forms, the SBA loan officer's report, the SBA note and loan authorization and PLP submission forms (where required).   

Closing the Loan
Once the loan has been approved by the SBA, Centinel will assist the lender and/or the lender's attorneys in closing and funding the loan.  A checklist will be generated which will detail all of the documents required to close the loan according the prudent lending practice, SBA guidelines and the SBA loan authorization.

Funding the Loan
After the loan has been closed, Centinel will assist the lender in establishing funding documentation requirements, preparing SBA settlement sheets and funding the loan in accordance with the SBA loan authorization.  After funding is complete, Centinel can perform an initial loan review to ensure all requirements of both the lender and SBA have been met.

Servicing The Loan
Should the lender elect to sell the guaranteed portion of the funded loan, Centinel can obtain the best possible bids and complete all documentation necessary for settlement.  Centinel will provide servicing assistance where requested.  Centinel can prepare comprehensive loan reviews to ensure continued compliance with the SBA loan authorization and SBA guidelines.  If a loan should require liquidation, Centinel can provide liquidation guidance and prepare the SBA liquidation plan and guaranty claim. hair extensions uk

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